Physical activity of women at the time of pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful period of time in the life of all women. The most important thing is the right self being and health quality of the future mom, because it has the great influence on the healthy growth of a child. Besides, the well fitted physical activity, makes a good preparation for a childbirth, as well as it raises a chance of fast recovery and coming back to the shape and form, from before the pregnancy.

When it comes to the physical activity of women at the time of pregnancy, we have a nice variety of possibilities. What is sure, is that every will of starting up any type of activity, should be definitely consulted with Your doctor who keeps an eye on Your pregnancy, to determine the health indications and contraindications.
In today’s article we will present just a few chosen forms of activity, such as: Nordic Walking, swimming pool activities, exercises on a mat and breathing exercises. What is more we will say a few words about the music therapy.

Nordic Walking, as a safe way of activity for pregnant woman.

What is Nordic Walking ? So Nordic Walking is a march with the use of sticks specially prepared for that type of march. The right technique of a march offloads the joints, strenghtens the torso muscles, the arm muscles, and increases the functions of cardiovascular system, and respiratory system. Nordic Walking can be performed on the special tracks, as well as during the normal daily walk. Besides, march with the Nordic Walking sticks is safer and prevents You from falling down. Before commencing that type of activity, You should talk with the Nordic Walking trainer, and get some knowledge of the right technique, and correct training scheme. It is very important, because badly fitted stick lenght, and incorrect march technique, can lead to the overloads throughout the joints.

Swimming pool activities.

This way of activity is recommended for everyone. Apart of the age or medical condition. Water environement strongly affects our cardiovasular, and respiratory system. Moreover the gymnastics in the water environement doesn’t overload the joints, and the exercises intensity cannot be high. What is obvious, every exercise with the elements of jumping, or one-leg standing (without assecuration) should be excluded to eliminate the risk of collapsing. The exercises which are recommended, are the movements of legs, strengthening exercises of arms and respiratory exercises. Surely, the last word, of which exercises can be performed, belongs to Your doctor.

Exercises on a mat.

Exercises on a mat give us a wide range of possibilities. The things that decide of a choise of well fitted exercises for a pregnant woman, are for sure the indications and contraindications as well as the self-feeling of a woman. Exercises on a mat can be performed equally in the low and the high positions. Within the low positions we can mention the lying on back position, sits, or the position on Your knees. The high position is mostly standing on both legs.
A few words about the low positions. In those positions we can do many exercises for legs, to keep them in right shape and condition, as well as the strengthening exercises for arm, using for example the Thera-Band elastic bands. The same positive effect can be kept by doing the circulation exercises for legs, and respiratory exercises.
In the high positions we can perform many movements of arms, legs, respirtory exrercises, and the strenghtening exercises for arms. Moreover, we can do some exercises beside the ladders, and using the ladders. Every type of jumping is also forbidden, just like in the water environment. What is also important, is that You need to be secured (strong grip on the ladder), while lifting one leg in the high position.
Exercises on a mat can be improoved and made more interesting by using the gymnastic instruments, such as: gymnastic sticks, Thera-Band bands, little sandbags etc..

Respiratory exercises.

The respiratory exercises have been mentioned a few times already in today’s article. They can be connected with every form of activity. Within the women at the time of pregnancy they are extremely important, because of the fact that the correct breathing way gives You the right oxygenation, as well as giving Your child’s organism a good portion of oxygen. What is more, those type of exercises can be performed by the women with health problems during the pregnancy, after consulting this idea with a doctor. They can be performed in a few different positions such as: lying on Your back, sits, standing, and with the utlization of different stuff: Thera-Band bands, little sandbags, balls and gymnastic sticks.
For those pregnant women, who have contraindications during pregnancy, defined by their doctor, to perform the physical activity, as well as a complementary form for all of the previously mentioned exercises we suggest a Music Therapy. The Music Therapy (widely used nowadays) is a form of psychotherapy, that is often connected with the image of nature, birds voices, etc.. In connection with human’s imagination it can lead to the positive therapeutic result in a battle with stress, as well as making it easier to relax all of Your entire body, and the organism of Your baby.